A Tribute to Travis Lowe

I had a hard time getting out of bed today knowing this is the day when we will finally lay our beloved Travis to rest. Here’s my tribute to Travis. G,Thank you for everything you did and gave to make Travis life on earth better brighter and happier! I have asked God to carry us today and I have prayed for peace!!! I have read the tributes and had a good cry. I am at peace concerning his life and thank God for the privilege to serve the many young man like Travis through TSS! Let’s continue to allow his life to live on through helping other young man to find their way out of gang violence and anti social behavior! Travis wanted something better he wanted something more and he made the transition and took the steps to change his life.

I believe that God allowed us to see his heart and his desire as he was making plans to move forward! My prayer is that others will also want the same for their lives because of his example…Rest in peace Travis you made the most important choice to be baptized and give your life to Jesus, perhaps today your friends will make the sane decision, I remember the many times you called in the wee hours in the morning and said pray for me and my ace boys Aunty, I remember you saying you need a job so you can make sure your children are cared for and ok,i remember you saying thanks to Team Street Safe, we’ll today we say Thanks to God for Travis Lowe!!! may your soul rest in peace love always Aunt G and G your mentors!!!