Belvedere and Spence to Host Virtual Vigil in memory of Gun Violence Victims

Since 2001, 61 people have lost their lives due to gun violence in Bermuda. In memoriam of these victims and their families, Antonio Belvedere will be hosting a virtual candlelight vigil via Facebook this evening beginning at 8 p.m.

“ I hope that this virtual vigil will the families of the men and women who have lost their lives to gun violence know that they are not just a number,” Mr. Belvedere said. “We are trying to spread peace and awareness [of the issue] in our community.”

The names of those 61 people will be read during the vigil, which will be co-hosted by Dr. Gina Spence from Gina Spence Productions.
“One focus of the vigil will be on the many children who have been left behind due to gun violence . . . we will also celebrate the resilience within these children and these families who have continued to press on, in spite of their losses,” Dr. Spence said.

Some of these family members will be calling in and sharing their stories during this evening’s vigil. Dr. Spence believes that this is important because the public does not often know what these families really go through when their loved ones are killed.

“We hope that hundreds of people will log on to show their respect [to these families] and let them know that they care,” she said. “Gina Spence Productions is thankful to be partnering with Mr. Belvedere to put on this event.”

Soon after the island’s most recent shooting, Mr. Belvedere reached out to his grieving family to let them know that there is some support for them within the community and that they refuse to let Jordan Outerbridge, or any of the people who have lost their lives and family members to gun violence, be just another number or statistic.

“This vigil is called ‘break the silence,’”, Mr. Belvedere said. “ I know that this vigil will not eradicate gun violence completely, but it will hopefully bring families who go through the same struggles and may not even realize it together. That is the main point of this vigil . . . it may not help everyone, but it helps some people get through it.”

Anyone interested in tuning in can go to Mr. Belvedere’s Facebook page starting at 8 p.m, where it will be livestreaming.

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