Champions Program

Gina Spence Productions (GSP), founded by Bermudian native Gina Spence was formed in 1992 after a desire to serve and advocate for social change in her community. With the rise in gang violence in Bermuda, Gina Spence saw a need to be a positive voice of change for those affected by gang-related injuries within the areas in which she served.
This passion grew after her own home was affected by gun violence in 2010, resulting in the murder of her son-in-law and first champion, her 8-year-old grandson. It was at that point where she was able to experience first-hand what happens to the victims’ families beginning with the initial call, burial, and the constant struggle to live with their absence, especially when that loss leaves a child behind.
The Champions Program was established in 2011 from this painful experience to advocate for the interest and lives of the victim’s children. We believe that the children left behind from parents affected by gun and gang-related fatalities are resilient, able to overcome and become champions of a challenging and unfortunate life situation.
“Our work is designed to break the cycle of violence in our communities, and in doing so, provide hope, solutions, and a viable path for success for the children born into violence”. – Gina Spence, CEO