Christmas charity drive in full swing

Some Christmas cheer will arrive for people in need this month through a partnership between businesses and a charity.

Gina Spence Productions said toys would be delivered to children, pharmacy gift cards will go to seniors and families will be sent healthy foods in time for Christmas.

Gina Spence, whose charity is the lead for the Christmas Community Outreach Distribution, said her organisation had faced a surge in demand because of Covid-19.

She added she had received calls from “people who have never had to ask for help before”.

Ms Spence said: “The face has changed, the need has changed – and it’s increased immensely because of the pandemic.”

Her charity has joined forces with hardware store Gorham’s, the Terceira service station chain, the Sargasso Sea delivery service and the Bermuda Post Office.

BGA distributors sponsored $2,000 worth of food for 100 hampers, and Gorham’s has given $5,000 worth of brand new toys for the second year in a row.

Terceira’s donated 1,000 “preloved” toys to the cause for the third year, as well as gas vouchers and cash from its own fundraisers.

Phoenix Stores Limited has provided gift cards for seniors, along with 100 free gift bags.

Sargasso Sea has pledged to deliver toys and hampers to families and the Bermuda Post Office will deliver pharmacy gift cards.

Ms Spence said her charity had raised just under $20,000 towards this year’s $75,000 goal.

She added: “During a time when many other agencies and businesses are having to cancel their initiatives, we are very grateful and blessed to be able to provide service to our at-risk community and those most in need.”

Ms Spence said the Christmas deliveries would be made on “a first-come, first-served basis” through online applications and registries at the charity’s website at

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