Christmas giveaway for the disadvantaged

A community worker will deliver some Christmas spirit at a giveaway for the disadvantaged this weekend.

Gina Spence, of Gina Spence Productions, said the event, the fourth of its kind, would be held at a new location at Warwick post office.

Ms Spence said that the new Middle Road location for the Christmas Community and Outreach Festival was more accessible.

She added: “The rubber tree at the post office has an amazing history; it’s an amazing place where many things took place and many things were birthed.”

Families and seniors in need can sign up online to receive free Christmas trees, food hampers and gas vouchers.

All children at the event will get a free toy from Santa Claus.

Ms Spence was speaking as this year’s event was launched outside the Warwick post office.

Susan Moore-Williams, the acting Postmaster-General, said that the festival was a chance for Ms Spence to again work with her old employers.

She explained: “We’re doubly pleased to be right in this location, not only where, as Ms Spence indicated, she’s from, but where she used to work.

“Once you’ve been a member of the post office, you’re always a member of the post office.”

The Warwick branch of the postal service and hardware store Gorham’s were yesterday announced as the new sponsors for the Christmas street festival.

Rod Farrington, the assistant general manager of Gorham’s, said that they donated $5,000 to the festival’s $25,000 goal.

He added that Ms Spence agreed to work with Gorham’s after they met through a friend.

Mr Farrington explained: “It’s kind of the good Lord’s blessing that, through an associate, we found out about each other.

“We met and, in about two minutes, we decided that there’s a connection here; it’s a very big connection and I hope it’s a long-term connection.”

He added: “This is such a worthy cause and this is the right time to help the right people. There’s not much more you could ask for.”

The festival was held on Court Street in Pembroke for two years before it moved to the Rubis gas station on Warwick’s South Road last year.

The event will be held on Saturday from noon to 3pm.

Ms Spence said: “We know this time of the year, for many families, can be very difficult.

“We know the economy has shifted a bit, so we are here to offer our sincerest prayers and to support them with these specific items.”

Those in need can register at

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