‘Christmas To Doorsteps Of Families In Need’

Gina Spence Productions [GSP] are getting set for this year’s Christmas Community Outreach, and due to the Covid-19 pandemic “they are bringing Christmas to the doorsteps of Bermudian families in need” thanks to the support of the Sargasso Sea delivery service and the Bermuda Post Office.

A GSP spokesperson said, “Gina Spence Productions [charity #856] and partners Tecrceira’s Family of Service Stations and Gorham’s Limited are gearing up for this year’s Christmas Community Outreach.

“Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are bringing Christmas to the doorsteps of Bermudian families in need with the generous support of our friends at Sargasso Sea and the Bermuda Post Office.

“We are thankful for Teddy and the Terceira’s Family of Service Stations for their continued partnership with us.

“For the past three years, they have donated 1,000 pre-loved toys to ensure that every one of our children have a Christmas gift this season. They have also generously donated gas vouchers and hosted Roundup to raise funds for the annual event.

“BGA has generously sponsored $2,000 worth of food items for creating 100 healthy food hampers for families in need.”

A BGA spokesperson said, “BGA is proud to assist families in need this holiday season by partnering with a trusted charity such as Gina Spence Productions to assist in servicing those in need.”

The GSP spokesperson said, “Gorham’s has graciously come on board for a second year to donate $5,000 worth of brand new toys for distribution.”

Rod Farrington, Assistant General Manager of Gorham’s, said, “Gorham’s is very proud to be one of the sponsors of the Christmas Community Festival 2020. Now more than ever our community needs to come together and support this wonderful festival.

“Many say that 2020 is the year they want to forget, but there are so many children and seniors in need this year, we need to leave them all something positive to remember in 2020.”

GSP Christmas Community Outreach Bermuda Dec 2020

The GSP spokesperson said, “This is the time to give, so let’s all give what we can to help this year go out on a positive note for all of God’s children in need. Thank you for your support; let’s make this season of giving one that these children will never forget in a positive and loving way.

“All toys will be distributed on a first-come-first-served basis through online applications received through our website. Sargasso Sea will be safely delivering all toys and healthy food hampers to our families’ homes.”

Onea Mills of Sargasso Sea said, “At Sargasso Sea, we have a platform that enables us to provide safe deliveries throughout the island during the holiday season.

“We understand the importance of giving back and find pleasure in putting smiles on the faces of families in our community during these unprecedented times.”

The GSP spokesperson said, “The Phoenix Centre’s pharmacy will be providing 100 free healthy gift bags and pharmaceutical gift cards for seniors to help with the purchasing of medications.”

George Grundmuller, President and CEO of The Phoenix Stores Ltd, said, “The health of our seniors is a priority. We are delighted to support the community outreach initiative again this year with pharmaceutical gift cards to help reduce the burden seniors may have purchasing medications.

“And, since our pharmacists cannot be on-site this year to perform blood pressure checks, medication reviews, and the like due to Covid-19, we’ve bundled care packs with items from our stores and provided several On Call Express glucometers for distribution.”

The GSP spokesperson said, “The Bermuda Post Office will be delivering all pharmaceutical gift cards to seniors.

“To register a senior, child, or family in need, please visit Gina Spence Productions’ website sponsored by MediaVille at ginaspenceproductions.com or call us at 296-0016.

“All applicants must pre-register to be eligible. The deadline for applications is Friday, December 11th, 2020. Please be advised that donations are limited.

“Join us in spreading the Christmas cheer by donating today. Every generous act of kindness will go toward our goal of providing pharmaceutical gift cards for seniors, toys for children, and healthy food items for families in need. We have raised $18,500 thus far towards our $75,000 goal.

“Online transfer details for donations are:

  • “Gina Spence Productions – HSBC Account 002-051928-001
  • “Gina Spence Productions – Butterfield Bank Account 0601613480018 MEMO: GGP.”

Gina Spence, CEO of Gina Spence Productions, said, “This year’s need has been great due to the Covid-19 pandemic. During a time when many other agencies and businesses are having to cancel their initiatives, we are very grateful and blessed to be able to provide service to our at-risk community and those most in need.

“I would like to thank both the individual and anonymous donors that have graciously donated to our campaign this year. Additionally, the support of our partners and major sponsors has been vital to the success of our community outreach programs; we express our heartfelt thank you to you as well.”

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