Consultants & Partners

At GSP both our Partners and Consultants do a great job at helping our charity run. We greatly appreciate all that they do and all of the contributions that they make. Our Consultants and Partners are outlined below. Our Legal Consultant, Corey Butterfield assists us with our charitable status preparation documentation as required and all charitable matters which may arise related thereto. Edward Bailey, Retired Lawyer  assists with all legal business matters as required.  He too is very knowledgeable about charities having worked with several. Rick Richardson, GSP Business Consultant is a retired company director, assists us with all aspects of the business proficiency of GSP.

Family Aid
Rick Richardson
The Centre on Philanthropy
Washington Properties
JD Lewis Group
Jodi Lewis
Anointed Steps Dance Ministry
Bermuda Economic Development Corporation
Gibbons Company
Anointed Steps Dance Ministry School

Special Mention Friends of GSP

La Trattoria
Rosa's Cantina
Fish & Tings
Jamaican Grill
Chopsticks Fusion
Balloons For You