Faith in God is all good

Mychel Jones always looked to her mom, Gina Spence, for spiritual guidance.

It was often given on visits to “their spot”, Riddell’s Bay dock, where they would eat and talk about life.

It was during those moments Mrs Jones first learnt about God.

“From a young age my mom told me that God never makes mistakes and that He always looked at me as His creation,” she said. “Just like He said it was ‘all good’ after creating the Earth and everything in it, He always says ‘all good’ when he thinks about me.

“This became my mom and I’s little secret phrase and stuck with me throughout life. No matter what I had done or gone through, God’s thoughts towards me have and always will be ‘all good’.”

The 25-year-old has remained close with her mom and dedicated to her faith. While most people know Ms Spence for the work she does in the community, she’s Mrs Jones’s “greatest inspiration”, “role model” and “best friend”.

“Sometimes I’m in awe of all that my mom has done and all that she still desires to accomplish,” she said. “I’m thankful that she’s always been there for me through every trial and triumph. I realise more and more each day what an amazing woman she is and am lucky to know, love and call her mom.”

Mrs Jones made her comments with Mother’s Day in mind. The pair will spend tomorrow at a religious retreat organised in part by Ms Spence.

Billed as a “Celebration for Mothers Luncheon and Showcase”, it will include performances by Shine Hayward, Cush Evans, Live Wire, Last Call, Ufonics and Bootsie.

Ms Spence, who is also mother to Greashena Spence and Edwinda Grant, promises moms will be treated “like queens” and honoured for their “outstanding contributions as leaders, role models, nurturers, prayer warriors, homemakers and for caring and loving their families”.

According to Mrs Jones, for most of her childhood her mother was “deep in the Christian faith”.

“For as long as I can remember, my mom has been active in the community, sharing the love of God through everything — from her acts of service to impromptu prayers on the street with strangers. She was always bold about her faith, never ashamed to profess the name of Jesus or share His love with others. Now as an adult I see why she was so passionate about her faith even though as a child I didn’t appreciate it. I actually thought it was embarrassing.”

It wasn’t until she gave her life to Christ at the age of 16 that she began to understand.

“As humans, we look for things to be done in ‘the natural’; actions or tangible things that can be proved. We are reluctant to do things if we are unsure of the outcome. It wasn’t until I realised and understood that my relationship with God was spiritual and rooted in faith that I began to trust and obey Him,” she said.

“In one situation, I had come back from Bible college and wanted to go back to school but didn’t have finances. I remember driving home from work one day and hearing God say, ‘Go away next month and pick a school in Atlanta’. I didn’t have money for that and didn’t even know what schools were out there.

“Nevertheless, I applied to four different colleges and flew up the next month with my mom. On our mini college tour, the last college to visit was Clark Atlanta University. I walked into the office and met the dean of students who offered me a full scholarship right on the spot.

“So, I’ve learnt to do what He says no matter how crazy it may seem because you never know what is on the other side of your obedience.”

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