About the Christmas Gift of Giving

About The Christmas Gift of Giving

The Gift of Giving, Christmas community event, in operation for over 30 years, provides a platform for local artists to showcase their talents while providing a wholesome, safe, and festive environment for the community to celebrate Christmas. This event is designed to offer goodwill and support to families affected by economic circumstances and invites members of the community to donate to GSP’s annual programs and events.

Program Objectives

GSP works with the community to distribute healthy food hampers, pharmaceutical gift cards for seniors, and toy donations for children to ease the stress of parents and guardians who may find it challenging during the Christmas season.
“This partnership represents what we live for – connecting with our community, sharing and impacting lives. It allows us to go into homes and make a difference with those in need. We are happy and looking forward to being part of this journey not only this year but for years to come.”
Stephen Lawrence,Restoration Ministries