About the Grief Recovery Program

About The Grief Recovery Program

The GSP Grief Recovery Program was designed to address the impact of grief and loss through educational and therapeutic support using the Grief Recovery Method, Children’s Grief Support Groups, Children’s Grief Summer Camps, and interactive worshops and presentations. There are over 43 different types of loss that one can experience in a lifetime. The Grief Recovery Method helps grievers deal with the pain of emotional loss in any relationship through its “Evidence-Based” curriculum. The Children’s Grief Support Groups, and Children’s Grief Summer Camps were specifically designed to help children and teens develop resilience, find supportive communities, and develop healthy coping skills to address their grief and loss.

Program Objectives

The mission of the Grief Recovery program is to ensure that no heart grieves alone. The Grief Recovery Program consists of the following:
Grief Awareness Workshop – An evidence-based session that brings awareness to grief and the 43 different types of loss one can experience in their lifetime.
Grief Awareness for Leaders and Managers – An evidence-based session to equip leaders and managers with practical tools and tips on how to relate with those who are grieving in the workplace.
Grief Debriefing – Individual or group session that is a safe place for grievers to talk about the individual who died, how the loss has impacted them, and the concerns or struggles they may be facing. During this session, we will also provide tangible tools to support them on their journey.
Grief Recovery 7-week One-on-One Sessions – One-on-one sessions are designed to help the individual griever complete their relationship with the pain, isolation, and loneliness caused by significant emotional loss.
Grief Recovery 4-week Support Group (Intermediate Level) or 8-week Support Group – A supportive group setting for grievers to connect with and learn from others who have experienced loss as they complete their relationship with the pain, isolation, and loneliness caused by significant emotional loss.
Helping Children with Loss 4-week One-on-One or Group Sessions – The HCWL program teaches adults how to help their children or the children in their care, talk about their losses, and give voice to the feelings they experience.
Restoring Hearts Children’s Grief Support Group – Grief support groups are for children and teens who have experienced the death of a family member. The goal of the group is to assist the child /teen with the grieving process by providing support and education about death, grief, and coping.
Restoring Hearts Children’s Grief Summer Camp – The Children’s Grief Summer camp aims to develop resilience in children between the ages of five to ten affected by grief. Resilience is the ability to “bounce back” in the face of adversity, trauma, or tragedy. Young people have different understandings of death and expressions of grief, thus, the camp aims to meet their diverse needs.
“The programme helped me understand that grief is not only about the death of someone we love, but it is about losses in every area of our lives. Those traditional phrases I’ve heard all of my life, ‘don’t cry’, ‘suck it up’, ‘put on your big girl pants’, ‘time will heal’ etc, are not true and did not help anyway. I now have better skills that not only help me cope with trauma, but with these skills I am able to help others. I have better listening skills and more empathy. People are seeking me out because they feel they will be heard and not judged.They will not hear the traditional unasked for advise and their personal business will not be repeated.”
Support Groups Participant