GSP Talks Gun Violence, It’s Root Problems and Offering Solutions.

I want to give a big shout out to Dale Butler, Rodney Smith and Brother Cromwell Shakir and their committee for inviting me and the awesome panel I shared the podium with last night at the BIU to talk about gun violence it’s root problems and offering solutions.

I had the pleasure and privilege of talking on behalf of Team Street Safe and my charity Gina Spence Productions. Thank you Bermuda for coming out and showing your genuine concern for the 30 plus lives of our young black man who have been lost to gun violence. Thank you Bermuda for offering to help and support the organizations on the front line and offering your support to the 60 plus children left behind.

Thank you Bermuda for letting those young man who want a change and a way out of anti social behaviour and gang violence know that we are here to provide support love and resources to help them find their way back and take their rightful place in our society. Thank you to all who gave a donation to our Champions program last night!!!

Brother Rodney closed out the forum giving us an example of leadership from the bible challenging us to join in the movement of change and find the leader for this time of great need who will be strong courageous and undaunted in their convictions and faith to be the change agent in Bermuda for such a time as this!!!! Please continue to pray for our community and all who have lost their loved ones to gun violence.

Respectfully submitted by Dr. Gina Spence JP.