Minister & Mothers On A Mission + Video

Minister of National Security Wayne Caines and the MOM Chairwomen held a press conference today [Oct 19] providing an introduction and an update on Mothers on a Mission [MOM].

Minister Caines said, “I am pleased today to introduce an initiative that is targeted at support, restoration and healing. This community is very familiar with the statistics of crime and the result of violence in Bermuda. Beyond the numbers is a human element that must be addressed.

“We must support those impacted directly by violence and restore their spirits to a place where growth and development is again possible.

“As a part of the Ministry of National Security’s promised holistic approach to the issues presented by violence in the community, we assisted in the convening of Mothers on a Mission or MOM Bermuda. These women share a tragic bond having lost a son to violence.

“Although united by tragedy they have come together to support one another; to deal with their grief and to lift up their communities through their efforts at reconciliation and forgiveness.”

Dee-Ah Iris and Nicole Fox, who have both lost sons to violence, serve as the co-chairpersons of Mothers on a Mission, and both spoke at today’s press conference.

They explained that MOM Bermuda “are a group of women, along with their families and support person[s], affected by violence in Bermuda, who are dedicated to bringing peace into their lives and into the community, through support, love, education, empowerment and forgiveness.”

The group’s core values include support, love, education, empowerment, and forgiveness, saying they will “start the reconciliation process by facilitating the uniting of both the victim’s mother and the perpetrator’s mother to be the example we would like to see in our community.”

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