Our Team

Our Team

Founder & CEO

Her Excellency Rev. Dr. Gina V.C. Spence, JP, CDKA
There is a compelling personal story to be told about one of Bermuda’s most popular community activists. Her road to success has been paved with many challenges, yet she continues to overcome the odds life seemingly stacks against her.
Dr. Gina Spence is a mother, grandmother, community activist, radio host and a lover of the Performing Arts. Dr. Gina started performing at the age of 10 and has not turned back. Through her endeavors with ASDE and Gina Spence Productions she has promoted and produced a wide variety of events, helping to develop some of Bermuda’s outstanding performers and pillars of the community. These include Lady Tyson aka Nicole Francis, Sia Spence, Kion Simmons, Patricia Podgson Nesbit, Suzette Harvey, Dr. Wendy Woods, Judge Juan Woolf, Two Fools aka Jah & Nadunjah, Bootsie, Gita Blakeney-Saltus, Mr. Magic, Twanée Butterfield and Nashanti Bailey just to name a few. Gina has written, directed and produced over 20 plays including the successful roadshow “No Not Me”! Read more

Meet our Board Members

Dr. Wendy Woods


Bruce Swan


Dee-AH Iris

Board Treasurer

Lillian Robinson

Board Chaplin

Busayo Salawu

Recording Secretary

Georgina Ball-Roach

Board Member at Large

Mychel Jones

Program Manager and Volunteer Coordinator

Clinical Team

Carrie Tucker

Lead Clinician

Courtney Harrison

Grief Recovery Specialist and Case Worker

George Cook


Finance Team

Carmelita Millet

Compliance Office

Winnelle Simons

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