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Fundraising effort helps 900 students with back-to-school supplies

30 August, 2022Posted In : News

Hundreds of children will return to school next month knowing that they are well equipped for the ac READ MORE

Charity helping students return to school says ‘need is as great as it’s ever been’

15 August, 2022Posted In : News

A high-profile children’s charity now celebrating ten years in action is rallying the community to READ MORE

Weeks appeals for an end to ‘senseless cycle of violence’

23 May, 2022Posted In : News

Shootings and knife crime have become so commonplace they are now regarded as normal, according to t READ MORE

  • Donation Holders say Read Below

    Thanks for all you do in the community. Your back to school drive was a wonderful idea and I’m glad I was able to benefit from it. Don’t know how i would have managed with out you! Love you lots xoxoxo

    Masante Maryam
  • Donation Holders say Read Below

    Ms. Spence, thanks so much for the back to school program. My niece, who is a single mother, was able to get school clothes for her two daughters.

  • Donation Holders say Read Below

    I was at the play Saturday night and on Sunday I had to come back. It was AWESOME and very touching. The first night people were in tears. I hope they can show it on CITV; it would be really good.

    Deborah Joell