Strength For The Journey

Strength for the Journey, Dr. Gina Spence new radio talk
By Carolina Duarte

Hamilton, Bermuda – November 7th, 2018 – HOTT 107.5 is pleased to announce the return of one of Bermuda’s most popular radio hosts and community activist Dr. Gina Spence. Her new radio show “Strength for the Journey” promises to be educational, inspirational and entertaining.

For the past decade Bermuda has changed radically and is facing the same global economic and social issues as everyone else on the globe. Dr. Spence said that it is time to hear from people of faith on topical issues of the day. “It’s time to bring hope and encouragement to our community during these very difficult times”.

She is known as the voice of grass roots Bermuda, especially in the call for unity in targeting youth and gang violence. Her road to success has been paved with many challenges, yet she has continued to overcome the odds life has stacked against her.

“Strength for the Journey” offers listeners a fresh take on what is happening in our community and features a mix of national stories that people are talking about. The show will present provocative topics like addiction, divorce, child abuse, abortion, suicide, sexuality, illness, cost of child education, poor retirement, single parent homes and more. There will also be a hotline number and email address provided to offer help and support to listeners who may be dealing with some of the sensitive issues discussed during the show. Dr. Spence stated, “Our goal is to talk about current issues and offer practical solutions, support and resources”.

HOTT 105.5 will provide a platform for elevating the voice of people that have a story to tell without taboos or prejudices. The dynamics of the program will be enriched with guest experts offering their insight and perspective, live phone calls and interaction with social media.

Dr. Spence is confident that the one-hour radio show will become the real Bermudian conversation. “Provocative, soul searching, revealing, challenging and redeeming that’s what Strength for the Journey is all about and the listener’s point-of-view and discussions are always welcome”.

“Strength for the Journey” can be heard every Sunday from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. starting November 11th. For a complete schedule of HOTT FM radio station programming, visit @hott1075 on Facebook.

Media Contact:
Dr. Gina Spence / Director and Radio Host
+1 441 707 522

Carolina Duarte / Content Producer and Journalist
+1 441 538 1845

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