Super American Circus to perform in Bermuda

Organisers of a world-renowned US circus have promised three days of exhilarating fun as they prepare for their first show in Bermuda.

Super American Circus confirmed that it will bring 16 performers to the island in October for a weekend of shows.

Notable acts will include the “Wheel of Danger”, a set of wheels that spin on a pendulum 30 feet in the air as acrobats hang on and perform stunts.

The show will also include a tightrope act where an aerial acrobat will do a handstand on a rope the same width as a roll of quarters.

Tuffy Nicholas, the show’s producer, added that it would also include performances such as motorcycle stunts, illusionists, clowns and live music.

He added: “The Super American Circus is a family event — always has been, always will be.”

The animal-free company has performed across the US and the Pacific, including in countries such as Guam and the Philippines.

The shows will be held at The Shed in Dockyard, which has a large open space.

Each show, according to Mr Nicholas, will feature an “all-star team” performing 16 acts each day.

The performers come from around the world and have years of experience both within and outside the Super American Circus.

Montana DeBor, the team’s general manager, said that the show would be many of her co-worker’s first time on the island.

Ms DeBor said she had visited Bermuda plenty of times before, having performed and worked here as an aerial acrobat.

She said: “I fell in love with it immediately. I had a friend who was born and raised there and she ran an aerial studio, so she brought me in to teach and it was a pleasure.”

The show will also donate some of its funds to charity, with Gina Spence Productions’ Champions Programme, a support system to help families who have lost loved ones to gun violence, getting the charitable proceeds.

The Super American Circus will perform from October 6 to October 8, with two acts on October 6 and 7 and three on October 8.

General admission tickets are $40 for children and $80 for adults, while tickets for preferred seating will be $50 for children and $100.

VIP tickets, which place buyers at the front of the action, cost $150 for children and adults.

To buy tickets, visit the Super American Circus’s website or Ptix.

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