‘Totally Unacceptable And Very Disheartening’

After someone attempted to sell Each One Reach One Back To School gift cards on social media, the charity that issued them said that it was “totally unacceptable and very disheartening.”

A spokesperson said, “The Gina Spence Productions Charity #856 would like to address the recent social media post regarding an individual attempting to sell our Each One Reach One ‘Back To School’ gift cards.

“An individual posted the sale of two of our Each One Reach One Back To School gift cards on to the “Bermuda Bargains” Facebook page. This is totally unacceptable and very disheartening. Our mission is to provide assistance to those in need and at-risk within our community.

“We ensure that all recipients understand that Gift Cards cannot be sold and/or redeemed for cash. This clause is also printed on the gift card itself. Any other form of use is illegal.

“Through an internal investigation, we can confirm the individual posting for sale was not a recipient of the gift card, however did possess the card and attempted to sell it for cash. We are pleased to report that through an internal investigation we were able to make contact with the persons involved and have the unused gift cards returned.

“We are issuing this press statement to give warning to the general public that we will enforce the full extent of the law for any misuse of gift cards outside of their original purpose. We want to make it absolutely clear that this is not to be taken lightly as we are accountable to our board of directors, donors, and sponsors regarding their donations.

“We appreciate every dollar that was donated and do the utmost to ensure that all funds raised and gift cards distributed are documented and accounted for. Our efforts this year resulted in reaching over 1,200 children who are truly in need of receiving assistance for school uniforms. We will not allow one selfish act to take away from the hundreds of families who benefit from our program each year.

“Once again we would like to take this opportunity to thank our major sponsors, Conyers Dill & Pearman and Aecon. Our Community Sponsors include Deloitte Bermuda and Chubb Bermuda with a special mention of The Oil Group of Companies and D.E. Mortimer. We would also like to especially acknowledge and thank our generous individual donors as well as our local businesses and community. Additionally, our Annual Sponsors Mediaville, One Communications, Anointed Steps Dance Ministry School, Eyes of The Eagle Productions, and Gibbons Company.

“We pray that this individual will learn a valuable lesson from their irresponsible actions. As a charity, we do our best to operate with integrity, honesty, and professionalism in servicing our at risk community.”

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