Tributes to Janette Smith

GSP, the Board of Directors, and Production team would like to send our deepest condolences, thoughts and prayers to the Smith Family for the passing of Janette Smith our “J”.  Janette has been with GSP for over 20 years. She was our family no matter what J was there; so committed and loyal to giving back to the community of Bermuda. Janette was a sister to all of us.

Tributes from members of the team

From Lakila: I love you ladies… didnt even realize just how much until now. (Hearts) All I keep thinking is.. Grief… Waves… Comfort Us Lord..

From Gnica: Sitting at this resturant.. NUMB to say the least. Sending prayers ladies

From Gina: Thanks for your prayers Gnica (Prayer hands) We are trusting God will give us strength peace and comfort to get through this very difficult time.

From Nicky: (Tears) She just checked on me a few days ago

From Tor: (Hearts)

From Carrie: Amen!!! Thank you Gina for that prayer… I’m speachless and numb.. words I can not utter at this point.. (tears) I can’t storp crying.

From Gina: Praying your strength Carrie.

From Kara: I am so so sorry to hear that. I am thinking of you all. I know she was a very special friend to you.. Sending lots of love to you and all the rest of the wonderful ladies.

From Comfort Zone: Oh my goodness, Gina! I am so so sad to hear this news. What a sweet loving, and devoted woman she was. I am so thankful that our paths crossed even for just a few days. I’ll be praying for her family and the GSP community.

Please let me know if there is anything we can do from afar to support you.

Abby Moncrief, MEd, NCC
Director of Strategic Partnerships
Comfort Zone Camp

From Lillian: Janette’s love which was refleted in her beautful smile, was felt by all that came in contact. Thank you for your kind words Abby.

From Lakila: “I just keep seeing her smile…. despite whatever she was going through she showed the CHARACTER of Jesus…. Character is CZC pin word of the year” 🙂

From Theresa: ” Yes that big beautiful… smile despite of she smile… all those pearly whites showing… and her character… a christian character for sure!

From Theresa: (Hearts and Hugs) She has left legacy that will be hard to follow…

From Alecia: I am deeply saddened by the news of Sister Jeanette’s passing.   When Abby texted me this AM, I was stunned.  I have not stopped thinking of all of you since we left you all in December.  There have been times in this work that I have felt lost.  Being with all of you in December lit a fire in my spirit.  Your collective warmth, passion  and commitment to each other was inspirational and kept me deeply rooted in this vision.  I want you to know that Jeanette was a light in this for me, and I am poised to support you in any way that you may need moving forward.  Please know that you can call me day or night to just talk or listen to your heart as you move in this grief journey individually, and as a team.   You have my love and my sincerest prayers…