Help for at-risk children during pandemic

A charity has partnered with a delivery company to help at-risk children and families during the coronavirus outbreak.

Gina Spence Productions is providing gift cards for food and medicine for 23 families, with Sargasso Sea agreeing to deliver them.

Gina Spence, CEO and founder of Gina Spence Productions, said: “We understand the importance of ensuring that basic needs of children and families are met especially during the coronavirus pandemic.

“These are extremely difficult times. Many of our families are working-class families who depend on their weekly paycheques to provide food and medicine for their children.

“Some of our parents are essential workers and are also working on the frontline of this pandemic in very stressful conditions.

“Others are out of work and are not eligible for the Government Unemployment Benefit. Our clients come from single parent homes, due to the death of a loved one as a result of gun violence.

“The GSP board voted unanimously in support of providing 100 per cent of the families that we serve with food and medicine for their children.

“All 23 families, including two families in the UK, will receive gift cards for food and medicine to ensure that the needs of every child in our Champions programme are met.

“Thanks to the generous donations of donors and our annual fundraising efforts GSP can provide gift cards, total valued $2,800.

“Due to the shelter-in-place mandate GSP has partnered with the Sargasso Sea delivery company, who will be delivering the gift cards to our champions, as a gift in kind, in support of the community outreach work that GSP provides.

“GSP is excited and grateful for the partnership with Sargasso Sea, as it bridges the gap between those in need and providing the vehicle to connect them to the resources.”

Collin Rego, founder and CEO of Sargasso Sea, said: “On behalf of the Sargassum management team we would be glad to provide delivery services to all 23 children and families at no charge.”

The GPS Champions programme provides grief counselling, food, medicine, toys and school uniforms to those in need.

Online donations can be made to Gina Spence Productions via HSBC Account # 002-051928-001 or Butterfield Bank Account # 0601613480018.

Put “COVID-19 Donation” in the memo field

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